Meet Our New Vicar, Phil Hunter

Joining us August 2013

Each year we are part of our national church body's program to train new pastors. After completing four years of college, and two years of Seminary, they spend of a year of residency in the field working with a supervising pastor. This is called their "vicar year". After that 12 months, they return to the Seminary for their eighth year of training and then are assigned as pastors.

Vicar Evan Chartrand has been with us since last August and will be returning to the Seminary this August. We have been assigned a new vicar who will be coming right after the Chartrands leave. Before Vicar Hunter left with his family on vacation, he sent a letter of introduction, which is included below.


Dear Members of Faith Lutheran Church,
Greetings to all of you in Christ! Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary and the WELS Conference of Presidents have assigned me the role of vicar at Faith for the next year. As I happily and humbly accept this assignment, I ask the Lord to bless my words and work during my time among you. I also pray for you, the members of Faith, and for those in the cities and neighborhoods around you who have yet to hear the good news of God’s grace toward them in Jesus. “We labor and strive for this, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of everyone, especially of those who believe” (1 Timothy 4:9-10 HCSB).

If you are wondering who I am, here is my life in a nutshell: Home has always been Middleton (a western suburb of Madison), WI, where my dad is the pastor at St. Andrew Lutheran Church, and my mom is a piano teacher. My dad was the first vicar at Beautiful Savior in Marietta, GA. I have two younger siblings: Paige, a senior at UW-Madison, who is majoring in biology and Spanish, and Jack, a junior in the pastor track at Martin Luther College. Jack is also a soldier in the Wisconsin National Guard and spent his last two summers training at Ft. Benning.

I graduated from Luther Preparatory School in 2007 and Martin Luther College in 2011. My free time is filled playing tennis and racquetball, running and sailing. My work experience has been all over the board—at a small airport in New Ulm, MN, at a Culver’s family restaurant, on a pig farm, and on the Wisconsin highways, to name a few. This summer I will be working in the bee fields of a friend’s honey farm and planning worship services at my home church.

I cannot wait until I head to Sharpsburg at the beginning of August. Thank you for keeping my classmates and me in your prayers as we spread out across the country this year. God’s blessings on your work and worship this summer.
In Christ,

Phil Hunter