Faith Lutheran-Auburn

Faith opens new satellite ministry

This past Sunday, Faith Lutheran-Auburn held its first worship service. 12 people were in attendance for the service in the Auburn Conference Center across the road from Auburn University. Worship consisted of 3 songs led by Vicar Caleb Schultz and Christopher Eckhardt, readings, prayer, and a webcast sermon from our website.

Faith has noticed that Auburn has been a relatively under-served area for confessional Lutherans. Because of the need and the presence of solid leadership, we are exploring the potential of a worshiping group there growing as the Lord blesses it. The group will be served through the HD webcasts of our sermons and liturgy led by either Vicar Schultz or Christopher Eckhardt. The group hopes to continue worshiping at 4:30pm (Central time) on Sunday nights as God allows.

If you are interested in what Faith is doing in Auburn or know someone who would benefit from Faith's congregation in Auburn, contact Vicar Schultz or just check out If you would like to support the work that is being done in Auburn, go to