Creating Connect Groups for Fall 2018

Connecting members to Christ and to each other

Have you thought about hosting one, why not this Fall? If you ran a Connect Group previously, are you willing to reprise it or start a new one? The more groups the better.

Go to and fill out a connect group form. There's a manual there as well to answer many questions you might have. We are looking to have these groups begin in September.

Connect groups are a vital part of our ministry at Faith. For we want to do more than be a friendly church. We want to be a church of friends. Connect groups are where friendships are made. We have three types of Connect Groups: Study Groups, Service Groups, and Social Groups.

Considering coordinating a connect group? It's not hard. Maybe you have a passion for jogging and you want to start a Social Group that meets to run 5k once per month. Maybe you have a passion to help out in the community, and you want to organize a Service Group that volunteers at the food pantry monthly. The time commitment is not large. These connect groups only last for a few months, anytime from September through December. You can meet monthly, weekly, or whatever suits your schedule.

Would you like to learn more? Contact Dawn Hill at