Online Bible Study - Matthew

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, July 1, 2020
We'll get started at 6:45 PM

Online Bible study
Everyone is welcome!
If you haven't used Zoom before, Go to the test site before 6:40 and you will be ready to go.
Have a Bible handy, but we'll also put stuff on the screen.
You can join without video or audio if you'd prefer for people not to see or hear you.

We will study the Gospel of Matthew and will see the interconnectedness of the Old Testament prophecies and New Testament fulfillments. Join us to get a broad understanding of the first Gospel, and dig into why this is relevant for your life.

The Bible study will take place on Zoom, a video conferencing platform.
To prepare for the meeting go to this test site:
If you click through, it will install whatever is necessary for your device, whether computer, phone, or tablet.
Then, at 6:45pm, join us at the Bible study site.

Check your email for the Bible study site for the week or email to obtain it.